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We are dedicated to providing our readers with the latest and important information on golfing destinations in the world with a special focus on Lancashire, UK. By visiting us frequently you will be able to stay up to date on all the latest news surrounding golfing in the UK and were to attend events and play golf.

About Lancashire

Lancashire is a top destination for many golfers and anybody looking for a quiet getaway in the countryside. Lancashire is a non-metropolitan county in North West England. Bordering Cumbria to the north it provides stunning views to visitors and a great atmosphere of relaxation.

The county has many seaside towns such as Blackpool and Morecambe with stunning countrysides just outside the major cities. Visiting the county, you will be amazed as to how many activities there are to enjoy and how many places there are to visit.

Sport has become a major part of the county’s activities since early times and has become a go-to destination especially for golfing fans and players from around the world visiting to take part in events and play the great golf courses available.

Country Clubs, Courses and Golfing in Lancashire

Country Clubs in Lincolnshire are situated all over the county and presents golfers and fans of the sport with great opportunities to be part of golfing events and teams. They present a passion for the sport and take part in many events around the UK.

With all the country clubs there are also a variety of golf courses and golfing activities. We provide detailed information on all the latest events, and which golf courses and clubs to play and join.

Fundraising, Events, and Tournaments

With all the country clubs and the love for all sports in Lancashire fundraising and other events are held throughout the year and presents a great way for sports and golf lovers to give back to the community of the county.

We provide detailed information on upcoming events in golf including fundraising events and tournaments held at country clubs and courses.