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Top UK Golf Blogs - Top UK Golf Blogs

Visiting golfing blogs can provide vital information on the latest news in golf. This list provides details on the most popular blogs based in the UK with a special focus on golfing news, equipment reviews, tournament runs, and more.

Golf Monthly –

Golf Monthly based in Farnborough UK is one of the top-rated Golf Magazines and blogs in the world and presents all the latest information on Golf. They review all the latest golf equipment, provides playing advice, and presents posts from top golfing coaches in the UK. The blog was established in 2006 and posts around 12 articles per week.

Bunkered Magazine –

Bunkered Magazine is a one-stop golfing news magazine designed to provide readers with everything they should know about the sport and how to get into playing the sport. They cater to both beginners and advanced players with important information about news, equipment, reviews, videos, competitions, and travel destinations for golf tours.

Women & Golf Magazine –

Women & Golf is known to be the leading women’s golf magazine in the UK and shares a love and passion for the game. The magazine is modern, fun, and a valuable information centre for any woman playing golf or wanting to play the sport.

They specialize in articles for women who have just discovered the sport and provide up to 16 articles per week since 2013.

Stronger Golf –

Stronger Golf is dedicated to the belief of passion and performance and the benefits of better physical athleticism for golf players. The blog presents exercise demos, discussions on strength and advice on how to achieve specific goals when playing golf.

By visiting any of these blogs golf players and fans can stay up to date on all the latest news and products that are available for the sport in the UK.